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Corrupt Schoolgirls

Corrupt Schoolgirls

All Girl & Solo (DVD) ~ Thread - to be continued
Posted by Anal Teens  [ January 09 2013 22:12 ]
Lesbian Porn Review: Taxi Series
I'm no stranger to porn. I watch it, jerk off to it, but yearn for representations of woman-on-woman sex that truly gets me hot.
Luckily there has been an explosion of woman-produced porn in the past decade or so. Jincey Lumpin's Juicy Pink Box has over 250 DVD titles. The studio is known for "simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." Maybe…
Hot Liaisons in a NYC Cab

I watched the Taxi series, produced by Juicy Pink Box and distributed by Girlfriends Films. Taxi received a 2011 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Lesbian Series. The award recognizes achievements in lesbian filmmaking for sexually empowering experiences for women. According to press "the Taxi series is set within the steel and leather of a New York City cab, exploring the passionate liaisons occurring between late night passengers." The various episodes are certainly hot and totally made me wet; however I am not sure where these women are cabbing in and around NYC that makes their ride long enough for elaborate sex scenes (each segment is around 20 minutes) nor arouses the attention of or lust in their cab driver. Every cab ride I've had with my girlfriend has been an attempt not to garner the attention of a creepy driver who wants to get in (or rather "get off") on our lesbian relationship. Of course, the last sequence in Taxi 1 involves a lesbian cab driver and a beautiful passenger in an imaginative scenario.

Taxi 1 provides a lot of sensual kissing, caressing, heaving and hardcore porn
sighing by very pretty women. The kind of women who have what might be called "the girl next door" look, which makes their liaisons that much more sexy. What is more fun than watching two scorching hot women get it on except using the movie as a prelude to some one-handed-or two-bodied (or other combo)-sex?

Slow Paced Porn

The initial slow pace of each scene ends with a tantalizing climax, but perhaps the vignettes are too slow, or perhaps I (and other porn consumers) are so used to the quick and dirty sex of straight or mainstream porn that taking one's time isn't yet a part of our porn lexicon. Taxi 2 jumps in where the first entry in the series left off with more wild rides around the Big Apple featuring even more women and even more dildos involved in the moist (inside and outside) action. Sexy women in Victoria Secret bras and panties or, conversely, butches in Riddged Outfitters-type attire, fill the screen with spicy scenarios.

Forbidden Backseat Sex

But, the forbidden backseat sex in the Taxi series was marred for me by the glaring lack of diversity (shape, size and colors) of the actors, which immediately set off my lesbian-feminist activist alarm. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy this (or any other) porn, just that as lesbian-feminists, even while we are coming, we've still got a long way to go, baby. So, let's hail a taxi and try to get to a place where every woman is welcome!
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